AFC offers a line of Lighting, Power and Appliance whips in both metallic and non-metallic options.

Whips are pre-cut lengths of metallic or non-metallic conduit that are pre-wired and are supplied with leads cut to the proper length for termination and supplied with the proper connector on each end。

福建快3网址The Metallic whips are produced with galvanized steel flexible conduit and are convenient for powering lighting fixtures and motors and are intended for use indoors and only where they will not be exposed to wet locations. Non-metallic whips are produced with Type LFNC-B conduit with one straight and one 90° non-metallic liquid tight connector and are approved for use indoors or outdoors and are great for running power to air conditioning hook ups, outdoor lighting and other outdoor applications such as a disconnect for Jacuzzi’s or pool filter motors.

Whips are a useful option for work that requires short lengths of cable. They come pre-cut with connectors supplied, reducing time on the job site.

These whips are UL listed under File No。 E96572 and are provided with solid or stranded copper conductors with standard 120/208V colors and with other colors available by request。 All whips are available in barrels and cartons。

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