Welcome to AFC’s representative locator, where you can locate a sales agent to purchase products from.

Using our sales agent locator is as easy as 1-2-3! Step one, select the product line that you’re interested in. Step two, click on the area of the map where you’re looking to purchase from. Step three is to select the available representative from the results that display below the map.

When you click on a state, blue outlines the state you’re looking for a representatives in. Some of our sales agents only sell in certain areas, so when you’re looking at results you can click “View Coverage Area” to note their sales region. Their sales territory will be outlined in red福建快3网址. You can also toggle the product line filters on and off or incorporate multiple product line filters at once.

Step 1: Select a Product Line

Step 2: Select your Location

Step 3: View the Results

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