The ACS/Uni-Fab product line features integrated modular wiring systems for commercial and industrial lighting and power applications。 The ACS/Uni-Fab product line can now be found on its own website at 。

  • MC Snapit

    MC Snapit

    Interlocked MC Snapit™ makes installing MC cable fast and easy。 No more tools required。 The design eliminates the unsightly sagging you get with other supports。

Custom Armoring


Our wide range of custom armoring solutions are suitable for applications in the power and electrical distribution industry. AFC adds a protective interlocking armor to customer supplied core (wire, cable or fiber. An optional outer color jacket of specialty formulated PVC can be added to provide extra protection and act as a differentiator from other similar cables.

More Information
  • MC Luminary Cable Type MC-PCS*

    MC Luminary® Cable

    The MC Luminary Cable Type MC-PCS is for LED and fluorescent dimming as well as in SMART buildings。 It combines power and control circuits under one armor。 

  • MC Luminary Jacketed Cable

    MC Luminary® Jacketed Cable

    MC Luminary Jacketed cable is used for LED and Fluorescent dimming and in SMART Buildings. Interlocking Steel Strip with PVC Jacket

  • MC Luminary Multizone Armor

    MC Luminary® MultiZone®

    One cable contains all the power and control conductors under one armor. 1 multi-zone cable can replace up to 3 traditional luminary cables or 3 power and 3 control cables.

  • MC Luminary HCF

    MC Luminary® HCF®

    MC Luminary HCF is a hospital grade cable for patient care areas for LED and Fluorescent dimming, utilizing redundant ground per NEC 517.13.

  • Barrel Pack System

    Barrel Pack System

    The Barrel Pack system allows customers to easily transport large quantities of cable around the job site. The economical barrel design reduces the effort required to install cables with an easy pull.

  • Gaylord Packaging

    AC/MC Cable Gaylord Packaging

    AC Cable and MC Cable Gaylords allow for a continuous length of cable up to 6,000 feet in one pallet size package。

  • Non-Metallic Whips - Type UL

    Non-Metallic Whips – Type UL

    AFC Non-Metallic Whips Type UL - All whips come with one straight non-metallic liquidtight connector and on 90° angle non-metallic liquidtight connector.

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