AFC manufactures standard Type MC Cables including MC TUFF, MC Lite® and other MC cables in a variety of specialty configurations, most featuring the ColorSpec® ID System. AFC’s ColorSpec® ID system allows for the easy identification of cables without the need to open any panels. In addition to standard hospital green and fire alarm red, AFC has identified their MC Tuff® product with blue armoring and MC-Quik® in purple over the length of the cable. In addition to armoring color, AFC indicates the phases within each cable with the phase id coloring on the armoring.

In addition to standard MC cables, AFC also offers MCI-A type cables which feature the armor plus a full sized aluminum ground wire as the equipment grounding means. The MC-Stat® cable is a hospital grade cable with two ground fault paths that meet NEC® 517 requirements for health care applications. These redundant ground fault paths provide added safety for hospital and patient care areas. Both the MC stat and MC-Quik® MCI-A products come without an overall assembly tape, instead each conductor is individually insulated for quicker terminations and installation times.

MC cables come in a variety of configurations including isolated grounds, neutral per phase, super neutral and home run cable。 With all of these configurations, you can find a cable to meet any needs。 AFC also offers Parking Deck/Lot cable (PVC Jacketed MC Cable) which is MC Cable with galvanized steel armor with a PVC jacket。 This cable is great for signal circuits in wet, dirty or oily locations, can be buried directly in earth or concrete, surface mounted or trenched for use in parking deck or parking lot applications, golf courses, docks, swimming pool motors, and many more。

  • mc-luminary-quik

    MC Luminary® Quik Type MC-PCS

    福建快3网址MC Luminary Quik has the time saving benefits of our traditional MC Luminary Cable with the added feature of no overall wrap.

  • MC Luminary Cable Type MC-PCS*

    MC Luminary® Cable

    The MC Luminary Cable Type MC-PCS is for LED and fluorescent dimming as well as in SMART buildings。 It combines power and control circuits under one armor。 

  • MC Luminary Multizone Armor

    MC Luminary® MultiZone®

    One cable contains all the power and control conductors under one armor。 1 multi-zone cable can replace up to 3 traditional luminary cables or 3 power and 3 control cables。

  • MC Luminary HCF

    MC Luminary® HCF®

    福建快3网址MC Luminary HCF is a hospital grade cable for patient care areas for LED and Fluorescent dimming, utilizing redundant ground per NEC 517.13.

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