We work with a range of material types including Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel, and have developed composite solutions to enhance performance properties to suit technically demanding applications.

Flexicon® manufacture a range of helically wound conduits, with and without coatings, liquid tight conduits, pliable galvanized steel corrugated conduits and annularly corrugated conduits. Metallic systems can also be combined with overbraids to create composite solutions when required.

Key Features Key Benefits

High Compression Strength
High Pull Off Strength
Wide Temperature Tolerances
High Impact Strength
EMC Screening Performance
High IP Rating – up to IP69
Inherent Fire Performance Properties
High Abrasion Resistance

Key Benefits

Suitable for heavy duty applications
Maintains integrity of the system in extreme applications
Suitable for a diverse range of operating environments
Can withstand impact forces such as falling objects
Protection against electromagnetic interference
No risk of water or dust ingress

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