10 Jul 2018

Gaylord PackagingWe are proud to announce a new Gaylord box packaging solution.

The Gaylord packaging solution is ideal for electrical contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) focused on prefabrication and agile off-site construction. The Gaylord pallet-sized corrugated bulk storage box holds one continuous length of Type MC Cables or Type AC Cables up to 6,000 feet.

福建快3网址The new packaging solution reduces material handling and scrap and provides significant savings and operational efficiencies for OEM manufacturers and contractors performing pre-fabricated assemblies。 AFC’s Gaylord packaging solution is more efficient when compared to purchasing multiple 1,000 feet reels or 2,500 feet barrels。 Reducing the number of reels cuts down on labor time and costs during pre-fabrication work。

Contractors can now bring in a Gaylord box and leave it in place until the box is empty – no need for forklifts to dispose of large and heavy cable reels to make room for the next reel.

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