In 2016, AFC turned 90!

First opening our doors in 1926, AFC has grown and evolved over the years to bring our customers innovative products that save time, labor and cost。

Many of these products are still in use today, and the innovation doesn’t stop there! AFC recently launched two new MC Luminary® family products: MC Luminary® HCF® and MC Luminary® MultiZone®.

AFC 90 Year Logo

UL 4 First Edition

June 1917

UL publishes first edition of UL 4 – Standard for Armored Cable。

The Beginning

February 1926

The Beginning

福建快3网址American Flexible Conduit Company first opened in New Bedford, MA。


July 1969


AFC Acquired by Nortek, Inc.

Home Run Cable®

November 1983

Home Run Cable<sup>®</sup>

AFC launches new Home Run Cable®, a multi-conductor cable for runs from panel boards to junction boxes for power, lighting, control and signal circuits.

Flex-4 Modular Wiring

February 1985

Flex-4 Modular Wiring

AFC adds Flex-4 Modular Wiring to the product offering.

Fire Alarm®/Control Cable

福建快3网址 September 1985

Fire Alarm<sup>®</sup>/Control Cable

In September 1985, AFC first introduced the new Fire Alarm®/Control Cable (Type MC).

MC Lite®

July 1986

MC Lite<sup>®</sup>

AFC introduces MC Lite®福建快3网址 aluminum armored cable to the market.

Parking Deck/Lot Cable™

July 1986

Parking Deck/Lot Cable™

AFC adds jacketed metal clad cable, now Parking Deck/Lot Cable.


September 1994


AFC Cable acquires Kaf-Tech

Color Coded Cables

September 1996

Color Coded Cables

AFC introduces cable Color Coding. Helps to easily identify cable type based and material.

AFC50 Fitting

June 1997

AFC50 Fitting

Launch of the new AFC50 fitting。


May 1998


AFC Cable acquires Spiraduct


June 1999


Tyco Interntional acquired AFC


June 2000


AFC Cable acquires


March 2001


AFC Cable acquires Alliance

ColorSpec® ID System

November 2004

ColorSpec<sup>®</sup> ID System

Launched ColorSpec® ID system for cable identification. Visually represents color of internal conductors.

Transition to Atkore

November 2010

Transition to Atkore

Tyco International announces agreement to sell majority stake in our business to the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice. The new company is named Atkore International®.

MC Quik and MC-Stat®

January 2012

MC Quik and MC-Stat<sup>®</sup>

Launched MC Quik and MC-Stat® products which incorporate protective polypropylene wrap on each conductor.

MC Luminary® Cable

October 2014

MC Luminary<sup>®</sup> Cable

Introduced MC Luminary® Cable Type MC-PCS cable to the market. Combines power and control cables in one armor.

Fittings Expansion

November 2015

Fittings Expansion

Expanded product offering for AFC Fittings line.

MC Luminary® HCF® and MC Luminary® MultiZone®

June 2016

MC Luminary<sup>®</sup> HCF<sup>®</sup> and MC Luminary<sup>®</sup> MultiZone<sup>®</sup>

AFC expands the MC Luminary® family of products to include MC Luminary® HCF® and MC Luminary® MultiZone®.

MC Luminary® Quik

July 2018

MC Luminary<sup>®</sup> Quik<sup>™</sup>

AFC further expands the MC Luminary® family of products to include MC Luminary® Quik.


September 2018


Globally recognized Flexicon®, flexible conduit solutions, now offered through AFC Cable Systems®.

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